ver thought buying champion, champion is a pity that no matter how any of what he said did not hear the sounds also when, BU into eight wind does not move, Coach factory outlet helpless ah, But think of the st tiger so to follow their own, after some time, there is no longer move crooked idea, but against Wang Xuance asked Can you tell me about your master or master chef to do? Ignite a champion do not know where to get the panda, said Do not ask me about that old devil question, I do not know.

Coach factory outlet is still indomitable, said Can you tell me about that ... he had done speaking, the scholar asked Can you tell me what the reason for the support you so desperately what, logically speaking you should do now then it so desperately. Coach factory outlet smiled and said You do not say rich fierce fierce? champion remembered that the big man on heartfelt admiration, nodded his head, Coach factory outlet continues my wife and I said had not let others  remember only Chen Fugui, Coach factory outlet should also let people know there is Bliss, do you say I can slack off? champion shook his head and said This can be understood, but it seems they can not explain you so desperately reason.

Coach factory outlet did not speak, some words are not recognized for an outsider can say clear, but the champion is roughly guessed some, said want to take their children to stand up to Cao told them I Coach factory outlet educate children not worse  than you? There is a want to find the man, right? Coach factory outlet did not speak, lit a cigarette, champion Wang Xuance | said softly I can take you to understand this as an ambition , no matter for what, you want to climb, everyone needs to find for itself a reason to climb, and then put into action, but most people find the former, women, money, power or dignity, or is to experience the feeling of standing above the crowd that the reason there are numerous species, just as if the latter is only one, that is to quantify these dreamsThink, then act like a lot of people can not do this, there is also no one can put into action the results, and you seem to be lucky than most.

Said a long time, the scholar seems to have felt himself did not know what to say, selfdeprecating smiled and said See you just do that, could not help feeling a little bit. Coach factory outlet strange asked In your The feng shui master's eyes, what is metaphysics numerology should not be ranked one do? champion smiled and said Man's life, the heavens, saying right? Coach factory online frowned and said also Yes and no. champion, said In fact, this sentence is wrong, who is born rich life, or the life of  dignitaries, most of China's founding fathers are mostly from scratch, that's another point is explicit by a mostly gun or a knife fight out, such as Cao old man, we say they are destined to become founding fathers?

Coach factory outlet nodded, feeling champion said is indeed such a reason, could  not resist a little emotion for a moment, the scholar a